Purity Disability Services provides disability assisted travel and transport to people with disability or with health conditions to get around and engage with their community. Our support to you such a weekly trip to the shops or regular medical appointments, take you to a place in the community and take you back home when you are done. These bookings must be scheduled in advance and are booked on an on-going basis.

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Our team are on call to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan of assist travel and transportation care that is right for you.

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All of our staff have a valid Driver’s License & Police check and valid qualifications to work in this industry.

  • Assist transport to school
  • Assist transport to doctor or medical appointments
  • Assist transport local shopping centres
  • Assist transport around your community.

Our Promise

We are responsive to your needs always ready to listen to your demands and make your desire come true. We creating a service package at a very affordable price. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs, we will recommend which service option suits you best and how to go about it.

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Our disability services are booked on an ongoing basis, such as a weekly trip to the local shops or regular medical appointments. Our team of skilled and qualified staff are ready to help.