Fine Motor Skills Service

If you or your child struggles with tasks like writing, drawing, and using scissors, you may have heard people mention the term fine motor skills when describing the challenges. Fine motor skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists.

Fine motor skills are

  • Pencil skills: scribbling, colouring, drawing, writing
  • Scissors skills: cutting
  • Dressing : tying shoelaces, doling up sandals, zips, buttons, belts
  • Eating: using cutlery, opening lunch boxes and food bags
  • Hygiene: cleaning teeth, brushing hair, toileting.
  • Construction skills using Lego, train tracks
  • Doll dressing and manipulation
  • IT use mouse and stylus manipulation

Sensory Skills Service

While every child has their own likes and dislikes, most find it both fun and therapeutic – and in the process, can help their development in a whole range of ways. Our goal is to help your child develop the skills necessary for success in everyday, functional tasks such as play, social interactions, and school performance.

Fine Motor & Sensory Skills

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